Ethernet cables can be found everywhere in a well-connected environment. They form the basis for connecting telecommunication systems, home networks, or devices in industrial environments. Even if the signal quality is not reduced, unwanted shield currents can unnecessarily burden the devices and individual electrical components. To reduce the risk of unwanted blackout and downtime of your network system due to these unwanted surge currents over the Ethernet cable shield, a Blueabsorber can be installed around the cables.

Working principle

Leakage current via a cable shield can have many causes, such as a damaged current filter in a device, different grounding potentials of the connected devices, or electromagnetic coupling of interference from neighbouring cables. This can be particularly problematic in industrial environments with heavy electromagnetic noise. A Blueabsorber provides high impedance for these leakage currents and converts their energy into losses and heat.

Damaging effects

Due to the stray, leakage and surge currents appliances connected to the grid might be in danger of being damaged. 

The Solution

Installing a Blueabsorber, which is a specially adapted Blueferrite nanocrystalline core, around the Ethernet cable of each device can help minimize the risk of damage by reducing common-mode currents at the cable. Mounting the Blueabsorber-Tube around the cable in front of a device not only reduces the leakage currents but also reduces the peak currents to a harmless level. This provides additional security for your network and electrical components.

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