Empowering a Sustainable Future

Green energy is the cornerstone of a sustainable, eco-friendly future. However, as we tap into cleaner power sources, managing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) becomes essential. Thanks to our Nanocrystalline cores, we can address these issues and better harness clean energy.

EV Charging

Reliable EV Power

Let our Nanocrystalline cores mitigate EMC disturbances and ensure your EV chargers more reliable charging sessions.


Navigation, Uninterrupted

Leverage the properties of our Nanocrystalline cores to address EMC challenges onboard your ships, ensuring you a more reliable performance.

Elevators & Escalators

Elevating EMC issues

Lean on our Nanocrystalline cores for consistent, seamless rides in both escalators and elevators, reducing any interference.

Other transportation

Transport Innovations

Embrace your specialized transportation options with the reliability and efficiency of our Nanocrystalline cores.

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