Since ancient times, ships have increased accessibility to different locations across the globe. They also form an important part of the global supply chain. Apart from this, the shipping industry also includes other parts such as cruise ships and smaller ships that are related to the tourism industry.

Working principle

Container ships and cruise ships consume a high amount of electrical power. To reduce the emissions created by the diesel engines of berthed ships in the harbor, they can use electrical power from an onshore power connection. Another scope of application is inverter-fed drives on a ship, such as ship cranes and additional variable speed drives.

Damaging effects

There are several issues or effects that can be identified as having arisen from EMC Noise. These include, but are not limited to, hull corrosion due to leakage currents or hull currents, motor bearing issues, sensor issues, as well as burning out of capacitors used for noise filtering. Apart from these issues, there are several issues created by the EMC noise created by switching, even when the ship is docked at the harbor and the batteries on board are being charged.

The Solution

Around ships, there are three main positions where Blueferrite nanocrystalline cores could improve performance and reduce leakage currents, as well as harmonic distortions:

1. At power converters of the main ship propulsion system
2. At the shore power connection for larger ships
3. At auxiliary drives on ships, such as loading cranes, inverter-fed drives, and      other switching devices.

By mounting the Blueferrite nanocrystalline cores around the cables in front and at the output of switching devices, the cores act as an impedance for high-frequency currents. These cores are specially designed to work at higher load currents, such as at a rated current of 2500 A without going into saturation. To minimize current distortion in the cable of the shore power connection, specially designed Blueferrite nanocrystalline cores can be attached to each phase

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