Video Insights

Welcome to our video overview showcasing the diverse applications of our nanocrystalline cores.
Dive into a range of informative videos revealing the practical uses of our cutting-edge technology. Whether your interest lies in renewable energies, electric vehicles, control systems, or other industries, these videos provide clear explanations on how our cores excel in noise reduction and performance enhancement. Discover how our nanocrystalline cores can empower your applications with their exceptional capabilities.
Explore the videos and gain valuable insights into the endless possibilities our cores can unlock for your projects.

What is Nanocrystalline?

Here is a brief explaination on what Nanocrystalline is and its properties.

What is EMC noise?

Here is a brief explaination on what EMC is and what it does.

How EMC impacts EV charging

Discover how our cores mitigate noise, ensuring efficient, safe and reliable charging.

How EMC impacts Solar power

Discover how or cores counter the radiated noise going from the solar panels back into the grid.

How EMC impacts Elevators & Escalators

Discover how our cores reduce motor bearing damage and improves the reliavility of the applications.

How EMC impacts Ethernet networks

Discover how our cores tackle noise by absorbing surge currents and improves transmission rates.

How EMC impacts Mining applications

Discover how our cores improve the lifespand of the heavy duty mining equipment and machinery.

How EMC impacts the Pulp & Paper industry

Discover how our cores help reduce the EMC noise and related electrical disturbances.

How EMC impacts the shipping industry

Discover how our cores reduce the hul and motor bearing damaging noise on large ships.

How EMC impacts VFDs

Discover how our cores minimize issues and improves the power quality when using variable frequency drives.

How EMC impacts Windmills

Discover how our cores absorb the radiated and inducted currents generated in windturbines.

Common & Differential Mode  

Discover how our cores can absorb these different emmisions and help your application last.

How EMC impacts HVAC

Discover how our cores help with reducing switching noise and giving your HVAC a longer lifespan.

How EMC impacts Machinery

Discover how our cores help rid EMC noise disturbances and reduce motor bearing damage.

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